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Payment Options:

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  • Money Order (Bank or Post Office)
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

For credit card payments:

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Terms of Service:

  • Once we agree on project objectives and sample design, you will provide written authorization of our agreement, and you will pay for project costs upfront.  As soon the payment has been made, your project will initiate immediately.
  • Any disputes over this agreement will be resolved within the jurisdiction of Connecticut, USA.

The Survey Professor will furnish the client with the following items within the following time frames:

Study Scope and Design including hypotheses to be tested……….prior to project initiation

Week 1:  Sample Design and Questionnaire Design  (pending client approval which may result in a delay to this time line)

Week 2:  Programming the Questionnaire in Qualtrics and Purchasing and Managing the Respondent Sample List from Survey Sampling, Inc

Week 3:  Survey Execution and Monitoring Responses (possibly Week 4 pending the sample criteria including B2B and international studies)

Week 4:  Data Cleaning and  Tabulation

Week 5:  Data Analysis (not including advanced statistical analysis which will add an additional week)

Week 6:  Final Report and Presentation

Final Deliverables:

  • Questionnaire in PDF
  • Data Tables (2) in Excel
  • SPSS File of Raw Data Set
  • Final Report in PowerPoint
  • Webinar Presentation
  • If applicable, regression model in Excel and/or CHAID Tree Analysis in PDF



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