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My experience has determined that most organizations spend unnecessarily on items that they do not need or use such as inflated sample sizes and advanced statistical analysis.  I have determined a best practice standard to ensure that you receive everything that you need so that the results are scientific and reliable and will guide you in making the same wise decisions had you decided to spend substantially more money.   As a result, this affordable survey standard ensures that you aren’t overpaying for anything that you do not need.  In addition, this method has eliminated the need for a lengthy, confusing, and frustrating proposal process.

Here is what is included for each survey type:

The price, the general survey specs, and the deliverables are all standardized to guarantee you a price upfront so you can stay within your expected budget. However, each study is customized to ensure we are speaking with the proper audience and that we ask specific questions to ensure your study objectives are met and you are furnished with the insights you need to implement your business plans.

I will spend time in preparing a custom sample design plan for you that will be representative of your universe and a custom questionnaire.

More specifically, I will manage the entire online survey for you from project design to project execution to creating your final deliverables including the following:

    • Study Scope and Design including hypotheses to be tested
    • Sample Design
    • Questionnaire Design
    • Programming the Questionnaire in a professional grade survey tool platform
    • Purchasing/Managing the Respondent Sample List from a reputable panel house
    • Survey Execution and Monitoring Responses and Quotas
    • Data Tabulation
    • Data Analysis
    • Final Report
    • Presentation

Here are the deliverables that I include for your project:

    • Complete PowerPoint Presentation including
      • An Executive Summary
      • Key Findings (Charts & Graphs)
      • Recommended Plan of Action
      • 1 Hour Presentation via Webcast with time for Q&A
  • Data Tables including Significance Testing of Differences delivered in Excel (aka Crosstabs or Banner Reports) for key demographics and custom banner points
  • Project Plan (Proposal/SOW)
  • Top Line Summary Report in PDF
  • Questionnaire in PDF
  • Complete, cleaned data set in SPSS (other formats like Excel available)
  • Follow-Up Questions as needed (I’m still here for you after the presentation)

Ready To Get Started?

  • Send an email to
  • I am active on my email all day but the phone number tied to this account is not actively monitored
  • Include the following information:
    • Name
    • Company and specific brand line or division if applicable
    • Type of Study you require
    • A general objective of what you’re looking to accomplish
    • The criteria for the audience to take the survey
    • Some time frames for us to have an initial ½ hour phone consultation
    • I will respond to your email within 1 business day
  • Upon the completion of the phone consultation, I will deliver a Project Proposal Plan to you within 4 business days.

Important Notes/Caveats:

  • Sample costs is one of the most expensive items in conducting an online survey. In order to stay within our budget, I will work with you in order to find the appropriate criteria for the audience that will allow us to stay within budget and to also provide you with the pre-agreed upon sample size.  There are some occasions where concessions must be made on the sample criteria to allow for a higher incidence rate so we may stay within price plan.  If your audience criteria is strict, or has a low incidence rate, or a small universe size then I will suggest using my “Customized Studies” service          (
  • Timing can be affected if client approval for questionnaire is delayed.
  • International Studies are only available for the UK, Canada, Australia, and India.  The above price is for only one country at a time.
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis’ (included with US Consumers, Gen Pop Only) will include one of the following: A single Regression Model, a single CHAID Segmentation Tree, a single Brand Perceptual Map, a single TURF Analysis.

Other Options:

  • If you require something more specific or more robust, I can create a customized proposal; please select the link for “Customized Studies” (
  • If you need to save money and you have your own sample list (e.g., customer lists, employee lists, students lists, patients, etc.), please select the link for the “Bring Your Own Sample Special” (
  • If you have a need to conduct a Quarterly Tracker (aka longitudinal study) and are able to commit to one year’s worth of studies in advanced, the price is reduced to $15,000 or $60,000 for the one year total.
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