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Do you have your own internal customer lists that can be deployed for an online survey?

If yes, then The Survey Professor is able to offer a very special and heavily discounted price of only $9,999 for a 15 minute online survey completed in only 4 weeks upon project approval.

Of course the sample design will be contingent on the quality and availability of your internal sample.

I will manage the entire online survey for you from project design to project execution to creating your final deliverables including the following:

    • Study Scope and Design including hypotheses to be tested
    • Sample Design
    • Customized Questionnaire
    • Programming the Questionnaire in a professional grade survey tool platform
    • Purchasing/Managing the Respondent Sample List from a reputable panel house
    • Survey Execution and Monitoring Responses and Quotas
    • Data Tabulation
    • Data Analysis
    • Final Report
    • Presentation

Here are the deliverables that I include for your project:

    • Complete PowerPoint Presentation including
      • An Executive Summary
      • Key Findings (Charts & Graphs)
      • Recommended Plan of Action
      • 1 Hour Presentation via Webcast with time for Q&A
  • Data Tables including Significance Testing of Differences delivered in Excel (aka Crosstabs or Banner Reports) for key demographics and custom banner points
  • Project Plan (Proposal/SOW)
  • Top Line Summary Report in PDF
  • Questionnaire in PDF
  • Complete, cleaned data set in SPSS (other formats like Excel available)
  • Follow-Up Questions as needed (I’m still here for you after the presentation)

Ready To Get Started?

  • Send an email to
  • Include the following information:
    • Name
    • Company and specific brand line or division if applicable
    • Type of Study you require
    • A general objective of what you’re looking to accomplish
    • The criteria for the audience to take the survey
    • Some time frames for us to have an initial ½ hour phone consultation
  • Upon the completion of the phone consultation, I will deliver a Project Proposal Plan to you within 2 days.

Important Notes/Caveats:

  • The ability to conduct a quality study is of course contingent on the quality of the sample.
  • The ability to complete this project in 4 weeks is of course contingent on the cooperation rates of the survey participants as well as the client providing The Survey Professor with a complete, cleaned, and ready to be implemented sample file.  Also timing can be affected if client approval for questionnaire is delayed.
  • Any potential necessary incentives provided to survey participants is not included in this price.
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